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Gambling psychology has always been a fascination of mine, so it only seemed fitting that I write about it. What is it that makes us gamble? Why do we get such a rush when we win? What goes on in our brains when we roll the dice or put those chips down? You have to admit, it’s a truly fascinating topic. After all, there aren’t many things in our lives that make our brains tick in the same way.

At Gambling Psychology you’ll find a ton of interesting articles on everything from studies and research, through to how to use mind games to beat your opponents. Obviously, poker is one of the more popular casino games that involves psychology. You’ll find a whole section dedicated to this! There’s also a section on that so-called ‘winning mindset’. Can believing you’re going to win actually help you win?

I hope that you begin to find the psychology behind gambling as fascinating as I do. If you write about this kind of thing yourself or want to see a particular topic featured then make sure you get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Dr Jennifer Rattler